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All things are possible! We've got this!

A tribe of mighty “doers”, Soleful Mamas is passionate about creating opportunities where women can connect, find their courage, explore their strength, and do great big things that they never imagined they were capable of doing.

As a group, we are guided by these 4 main principles:

*Do It Scared! Life is too short to let fear keep you on “this side” of everything you want. Be inspired, step outside your comfort zone, and go after that goal that will make you a better person!

*Just Show Up! Come as you are. With the courage inside, and with the body you have, take that first step.  Then keep taking those steps.  Anything worth anything takes a ton of hard work and perseverance.  It’s called sweat equity and we’re all about it.

*Keep Moving Forward! Life is a series of small single steps.  Chip away at the overwhelming tasks of the day or that half marathon training. Embrace the setbacks, learn from them, keep going, and remember that “forward” will always be a pace.

*Share Joy! Give love freely and bring the happiness into your life.  We’re all about passing on encouragement, motivation, and inspiration! We love sharing our joy through simple gift giving and the art of knowing exactly what a running mama needs as she goes through her journey of awesomeness.

Now more than ever, women need each other and we need to strengthen one another. Join us as we continue to build a community of empowered women, one mile at a time.