My 1st Successful “Post Baby” Race! – March 23, 2013

All thanks to my sole sisters, I had a successful first “after baby” 5K race this past weekend – The Phillies 5K Charity Run.

My definition of successful:

-not throwing up when using the port-o-potty before the race

-not tripping over any cones or other people (I’ve been known to do that)

-no walking – WAHOO

-finishing in under my goal of 40 minutes (36:37 to be exact- not bad for an out of shape mama)

-not eating the entire GIANT soft pretzel they gave us at the end that had 68% of my daily sodium requirement and 103 carbs – YOWZA!

The story behind the success:

I was exactly 5 months post partum the day of the run.  This race was a result of positive peer pressure.  Let’s Rewind to 2012:  I missed the deadline for the race and my two girlfriends had a blast. I was jealous…very jealous.  While they were earning 7 weight watchers activity points, I was stuffing my face with pancakes, bacon AND sausage.   I wasn’t even pregnant yet, I was just dragging my feet…tired from work, shuttling two kids around to their activities, and being in a post-Christmas coma, I just didn’t feel like signing up for running outside in the unpredictable cold weather of March.  It’s kind of a good thing that I didn’t.  At the end of February, my husband and I were *surprise* expecting again after 6 years…A totally different story…

Fast forward to this year: I couldn’t say no to signing up- not a second time.  Especially because the excuses of working full-time, raising 3 children now, breastfeeding, and managing a home just didn’t seem like enough. My friends also work, have families (one with 4 children – Amazing!), and seem to have an endless supply of energy.  Call it what you want, but I was too proud and too embarrassed to say no.  I had to do it.  I had to keep up.  So I held my breath, clicked the “submit” button and I was on my way to my first post partum 5K.

I did what I could to “train.” And I use that term loosely. It was more like practice.  I’ve run 5K’s before, my husband and I dabble in sprint triathlons, and our kids play sports.  We are definitely a movement based family.  So while the thought of training while breastfeeding and being sleep deprived sent me into a tailspin of anxiety, the perspective of just “practicing” the skills I needed to just cross the finish line made me feel like I could actually do it. After all, I could always walk and walking isn’t scary at all.  So I ran when I could (read: 3 times) and swam laps a bit with a friend YMCA (read: 3 times), and took a Punk Rope class with my 10-year-old daughter on Wednesday nights.  When I could, I continued my pregnancy Vinyasa Yoga video to stay flexible. I just practiced. And I felt better; my *slogging and confidence were building.

*slogging will be defined in another post – stay tuned…

The air horn blew and the first 4,000 people started running, it took us 2 and a half minutes to even get to the starting line.  My favorite playlist was blaring in my ears so I couldn’t hear my own heavy breathing.  I had the “going up the roller coaster hill” feeling in my stomach.  I just wanted to get into a groove.  I crossed the starting line, started the slog, and didn’t stop until the last wicked-fast sprint carried me over the finish line.

The take away? Succumb to positive peer pressure & let the overflowing enthusiasm of others carry you across the finish line.

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