Seems Counterintuitive…

Seems Counterintuitive

It seems counterintuitive to get outside and run when you’re so tired, but I’m here to tell you that it’s the best possible thing to do when you just feel like you want to crawl into bed instead. It definitely helps if you’ve got a supportive family that will bring you your sneaks when you’re lying on the couch wallowing in the self-pity that only sleep deprivation can bring you.  A few encouraging words also help, I find words like these particularly motivating: “You were fat last summer… (insert death stare) … When you had the baby in your belly… ” Nice save Mr. I’m 7 years old.

Anyway, much like what the baby books say about sleep begetting sleep, so does running when you feel your most tired. It seems counterintuitive, but energy begets energy.  Give out energy by jogging –  get some energy from endorphins.  So next time you’re feeling like you just don’t have the energy for a run or for any exercise, remember that you’re going to have to give in order to get.  If you can push yourself out that door, chances are you’ll be walking back in a whole new person.

Be inspired and keep moving forward!

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