Hey, it’s Mama S here! Tonight while I walked the track with my fellow sole sister I couldn’t help but reminisce about how far I’ve come!  Two years ago I couldn’t even run on that track for 30sec without feeling like my lungs were in a vice grip and now I can run at least 3 miles!!  I swore up and down that I was not a distance runner and almost convinced myself I couldn’t get any better. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished with determination and lots of support from phenomenal friends!  I never thought I could have so much pleasure and pride from running but it is so worth any pain I may have felt before.

About Soleful Mamas

Powered by sunshine and friendship, Soleful Mamas is half support group/half running club. Our tribe is committed to empowering women of all ages and abilities one mile at a time. We are committed to inspiring those around us to live stronger, healthier, and more confident lives through the power of running and adventure experiences. We’d love for you to join us!

We want all Mamas to know that as you blaze your trail of awesomeness, we’re with you every step of the way!

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