Old Dog, New Tricks

old dog new tricks

So I tried to use the helpful hints offered by cd5k to improve my slogging performance. Here is what I found:

I was apparently born without a diaphragm. Sad but true. There is only one type of breathing for me and it is called gasping. When I tried to use my non-existent diaphragm, I found I was either a) holding my breath causing me to feel faint or b) breathing too quickly which is also called hyperventilating which also led to feeling faint. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation where I needed to be revived on the trail, I went back to my old ways and gasped for the rest of the run. Some air is better than none.

I had a bit more success with the arms. It is a real struggle to keep them where they need to be but if I really think about it, I can keep them a little more to the side vs. in the front. (Emphasis on a little!).

I also realized why my legs get tired. They have the unfortunate job of hauling my butt around. Who wouldn’t be tired from that?

So, this very old dog tried some new tricks. Thanks cd5k for always raising the bar!

-Mama D

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  2. Oh, Mama D. I’m sure you have a diaphragm in there just like I do – it just might be upside down, sideways, and backwards after growing and birthing 4 humans. Our insides will never be the same!

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