Chaos Theory

Have you ever used the phrase “running around in circles”? Negative implications- wasting time, unproductive, not getting anything accomplished. Why is it then, when I run laps, do I feel oh so productive? I can see a big black Sharpie in my mind crossing off laps on my mental to do list. Lap 1- big fat “X” through it. Lap 2- nice neat black line drawn. Lap 3- scribbled over until unreadable…

I can work myself through a run so much easier when running in a circle- “I only have to pass this tree 3 more times and then I’m done”, “You’ve already done 5, what’s one more”?, “You can walk the next one- but you’ve made it this far”…

Many people think running laps is boring, but to me, it’s predictable, calming. I always know how far I’ve gone and how far it is to finish the next lap. I always know what’s coming up and what to expect. Exactly opposite of what we mamas deal with daily. Running laps is the small way I can try and control the chaos. Sometimes boring isn’t so bad…

Mama D

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  1. grannysoles

    Hi Mama D, your post really resonated with me because I’ve felt the same way about my walking route. Keep up the excellent posts!

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