Running Buddies

My soon to be 13 year old is running on the track team. He is an awesome kid, so driven, so hardworking, well behaved, and sweet (of course I have to add the caveat most of the time!!). He is doing well- improving his times at every meet and really enjoying the experience of being a runner. (And that he is, not a slogger like his mama!). Watching him compete truly inspires me! I love going to his meets and watching him run- I was actually teased (in good fun) by another parent for cheering him on so loudly last week! But as a slogger, you can relate to that “I truly can’t take another step toward the finish because my legs have been filled with lead and my lungs are on fire” feeling! You need all the encouragement you can get at that point and so I yell, I cheer, I scream loudly for my boy and all the other runners on that track to get them through that race! It is also so awesome to watch the kids on the team cheer for each other- Whether you come in first or last, there is a teammate cheering you on and meeting you at the finish line. If only we did this for each other in life more often…

Last week before school my son asked if I was coming to the meet. “I sure am” I replied! Then he asked me, “are Mama S and Mama K” coming?” I answered him that I thought they might and then he left. It took me minute to process but then realized the magnitude of his question. In no way a slight to anyone else in his life, he asked about his other Mamas because they are fellow runners. They are the ones that got him on the track for the first time. They are the ones that encouraged him around the oval and boosted his confidence a few summers ago. They get it. They are his running buddies.

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