Feeling kinda like a runner

A few things have happened over the last couple of weeks that have made me feel almost like a real runner. My fellow Mamas and I visited the track where I ran into my high school track coach. He asked if we were training for a run, and it was awesome to actually be able to answer “yes”!!! We then talked about a few other local races, just as if we part of the local running circuit. Cool.

A friend of mine with whom I seldom discuss exercise asked if I was “doing any races” lately. Again, how cool to answer “yes”! Another friend texted me, “I know you do races, are you doing the…race”? Cool.

My husband asked me if I wanted a gift cert to a running store for Mothers Day. Papa D noticing the increased running effort- cool.
My kids asked me on Saturday what I wanted to do on Mother’s Day. I told them I wanted us all to go to the track. They all got really excited and said “oh yeah”, “cool”, “awesome”! This excitement was way cool.

And yesterday I was opening all my gifts. My 7 yr old made an “all about mom” sheet at school. Favorite Color-red. (Right on!). Favorite Food-casserole. (Not my favorite but who doesn’t love noodles and cream of something soup?). And there it was, “what my mom likes to do in her spare time is…” I was ready for “run!” Or “exercise” or “workout”. But it was one little word which I must admit is true…it was “sleep”. I guess I still have some work to do to be a real runner.

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