Granny Soles – Dashing Through The Grass

I was dashing through the grass the other day with my 6 month old grand baby. His sturdy sleigh…um, stroller, was really moving.  i paused to check on him, and then I stopped. I followed his gaze to see what was so captivating.   Tiny cherry blossom petals were swirling ever so slowly in front of him, like delicate little fairies dancing.  His little mouth fell open as he watched.  This wasn’t a camera moment to share, but our moment.  Soles to soul….

About grannysoles

Hello! I’m a Soleful Mama and Granny who is on the staying fit and healthy journey with you. Join the family of Soleful Mamas; all you have to do is put on your soles to wake up your soul, and just go!

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