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grumpy cat run

Because I can’t be the only one that needs a mega motivation jolt today, I decided to think of a few things that usually get me going and share them with you. So here we go, 5 surefire ways to bust through the motivation funk that you’re (I’m) in:

1. Follow the 10 minute rule. I know it’s been said in a thousand articles and given as sound advice by thousands of running buddies, but that’s simply because it’s the truth. Tell yourself to go out and walk, slog, jog, or run for 10 minutes. If you feel crummy after that, stop and try again another day. Chances are after 10 minutes you’ll be too far away from home and you’ll think to yourself, “Well, there’s no point in turning around now.”

2. Find a power song. But not only that, pick a “power song” that makes you want to move anytime you hear it. Make a commitment to yourself that anytime you hear this song you’re going to give it 110%. My power song is “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas. Between the tempo and the attitude, this song makes me want to turn it up.

3. Dress for success. Much like a job interview, dress for success. The minute you put on those tights (and that CYA over it), those fierce new Mizunos, and you strap on that ipod to your arm, you’re a runner. Look it. Feel it. Do it.

4. Find a highly motivated friend to stay accountable to. Without Mama S, I wouldn’t even be thinking about running or getting to the Y today for a treadmill/swim workout. Mama S always has the perfect balance of encouragement and firmness in her “let’s get going” text messages.

5. Pick someone to brag to. That’s right. I don’t recommend doing this ALL of the time, but get ready to blow your own horn, sing your own praises, show off, and talk big. You’ve earned it! While running, think about someone you’re going to talk to within the next day or who you want to hear saying “Wow, I could never do that.” That’s a good funk buster. I’m typically a pretty humble person, but every once in a while I like throwing around that I did a 5 mile run over the weekend (which by the way, I haven’t done since pre-pregnancy). It just builds confidence and confidence is the key to moving forward.

So there you have it. There I have it. Sorry Grumpy Cat, I’m going to take my own advice today and just go.

-Mama K

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