My legs behave like my pre-teen daughter

I’m not going,” they say.

“Um, yes. Yes, you are going.”

You can’t make me.”

I’ve been waiting for this all day. My verbal nun chucks are ready. I swirl them around to show my skills, I look fierce and I mean business. “Uh, yes I CAN make you. I’m in charge of you.”

Well, I don’t wanna go and you CAN’T make me and I’m NOT going!”

*Insert crazy eye twitch* “Get up. YOU WILL GO! YOU WILL GO BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS GOING AND I SAID WE’RE GOING! Now keep moving.”

And that, my friends, is how you get the fire to finish your run and make all body parts (and everyone in your family) do what you need them to do. The crazy eye twitch gets them every time. Your legs don’t stand a chance of stopping when everything else is prepared to keep moving forward.

So the question is:
Life imitate run

– Mama K

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