Nothing Like an Old-Fashion Game Of…

…insert the name of any sport here!  Last night I had the pleasure of playing in a parent vs. kid dek hockey game against two of my sons.  It was a BLAST!  And I realized once again that there is no easier way to get great exercise than playing.  Any game, any where, any time.  I haven’t forced myself to sprint like I did last night in a very long time.  And the best part of it is that I didn’t even think about it- the possibility of stealing the ball from my 13 year old was all the incentive I needed!!  It wasn’t until I felt like I needed oxygen on the bench that I even realized I was exercising.  I welcomed my sore quads today with a smile as a reminder of a good time had by all…

Pick up a stick, a ball, and a friend and PLAY SOMETHING today!

Mama D

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