Little Soles

Tonight the Soleful Mamas had a running date at the high school track.  I, of course, missed it due to the never-ending baseball season!  That didn’t stop my daughter from going, aka little soles.  She had already been there an hour by the time I could get there.  I missed the whole “party” but I was determined to still get my groove on and to my surprise little soles wanted to stay with me!

We were about a mile and a half into it when I didn’t see her on the track any more.  At this point I could have totally been persuaded into leaving until I saw her running the steps in the stadium.  I felt compelled to join her.  We went up and down twice and I thought for sure she would be done.  Nope, not a chance!  She went right back to running on the track.  So she pushed me even farther since I had to sprint to catch up!  Then about half way through the next lap she said her ankle hurt but only a little.  I told her she didn’t have to keep going to which she replied “I’m determined to keep running cause I know I can.” We had a good sprint to the finish  and once again I found motivation when I wasn’t expecting any and it felt great to be pushed past my limits!

Everyone should be lucky enough to have that extra motivation to drive you to do better!   I’m so grateful to have my sole sisters and my little soles there when I need them!!!

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