Personal Records of a different kind

There are two things in life that I hate being: tired and uninspired. The thought of just existing to survive the day is just so…well, uninspiring. But with children, work life, and the summer fun coming to an end, I sometimes feel like I end the day feeling this way. Often times I have to take a moment to remember that as surely as the seasons change, we Mamas (and all other humans) also have our seasons and cycles. So while I may not have been out there pounding the pavement as much as I may have liked, I was out setting PRs with my family and friends. Here are just a few:

– Sailing on the York River
– Watching my baby smile so big on the swings at the park
– Hearing my daughter say “thank you” for teaching her a new gymnastics trick (sort of)
– Smiling back at my 7 year old son as he yelled “YOLO” while sitting in the front seat of roller coasters that go upside down; conquering fear is always a PR being set
– Running up and down bleachers at Wednesday night track nights with friends- old and new
– Figuring out how to use a skimboard with the big kids
– Eating lots of delicious and bad for you summer foods (read: BBQ hot dogs)
– Celebrating brides to be
– Cheering on the kids and their friends at a local junior run
– Holding my breath as my daughter started jumping higher at her horseback riding lessons
– Drinking in the fragrance that is the summer air as the night time critters start their chatter
– Knowing I am exactly where I should be at all times.

So maybe I feel tired and uninspired at the end of the day, but maybe it’s because I’m giving my all to the endurance event that is raising a family. A good and happy family that is building a life. And that, I suppose, is anything but uninspiring.

-Mama K

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