Pep Talks – Big and Small

Big pep talks motivate you to get started, little pep talks keep you going.  Together, big and small pep talks make any goal achievable.

Big pep talk:

kid pres1          kid pres2

I can’t stop watching Kid President.  He is inspiring and lovable and encouraging.  He speaks with both an innocence and maturity that is well beyond his years.  His conviction makes my heart melt.  Today my favorite video is “A Pep Talk from Kid President”.  It makes me so excited to see that I’m not the only one who thinks we should all be taking the road that leads to awesome (NOT COOL, ROBERT FROST).  We’ve got air in our nose; our heart is beating and that means it’s time to do something.  I needed this big pep talk to know that there’s so much potential waiting to be tapped into.

Of equal importance – small pep talk:

timthumb picture found on

Today on a 7 mile run (the furthest I’ve gone to date), I realized why a mantra can be a runner’s most useful accessory.  Running for longer than an hour makes one reach for lots of different ways to sustain energy and keep the focus.  And even though I ran today with other Mamas (the need for physical support is so real), I found myself in a few quiet moments figuring out how to avoid taking inventory of what had started aching.  My mental toughness was waxing and waning.  But then I found a little mantra and I shared it with my fellow Mamas.  It was definitely a much needed boost!

Run Inspired has shared 13 really helpful running mantras to keep you putting one foot in front of the other.

Another really great write-up on mantras:

While it didn’t make either of the mantra lists above, the mantra I used today was “This is NOT harder than childbirth – keep going.”  In my head I even said it to myself with a serious, almost sarcastic tone.   There is no arguing with that mantra. Ever. So, with that in mind and several flashbacks to my labor and delivery last year, I made it to 7 miles without dying.  To the contrary, we got to 7 miles and there was another small little voice in my head that said “7 miles is an odd number, you hate odd numbers, you should probably go to 8.”  I didn’t listen to that voice today, but I’m sure that I will sometime soon.  Be inspired today!

Share your favorite running mantras or even little pep talks you give yourself throughout the day.  We’d love to hear your ideas!

-Mama K

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