Time to Bundle Up – Part 2 (socks)

After posting about my thoughts on how to survive the cold weather running, a fellow runner- Rundmach reminded me of a very important article of clothing that I forgot about – socks.  She’s been searching for a solution to ward off ITS – icicle toe syndrome.  I struck up a few conversations about this with a few other runners that I know and here were the recommendations for socks that can help avoid frozen feet.

Thorlo socks are “engineered foot protection” and their running line came highly recommended as were Drymax running socks.

It was suggested that I also check out Smart Wool running socks and in my online research, these seemed to be held in the highest regard.

So now we’ve got at least 3 choices to help keep the piggies stay toasty on your next cold weather run.  I’ll be picking up a couple of pairs very soon and testing them out for myself.  If you’ve got the socks mentioned above or have a different brand, let us know and give us a review.

If you dare venture out to run on the snow and ice, check out these cool gadgets for your shoes.  If you were ice climbing or mountaineering, these would be crampons, but since you’re running they are Stablicers & YakTrax.  Happy Running!

stabilicers  yaktrax2

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