1st Annual “Friday Night Christmas Light” Run


I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than to run with a bunch of awesome ladies.  But not only did we have a great 4.5 mile run, we got to run around town and really get in the Christmas spirit.  It was so fun running up and down the blocks to see all the houses dressed in their colorful decorations. The snowy yards captured the light of the twinkling lights and really made the night sparkle!  I highly recommend that if you are able to take a Nighttime Christmas Light Walk or Run, do it!  It doesn’t matter how far you go, but I guarantee that once you start, you’ll go further than you expected because you’re having so much fun. And since it’s going to be pretty warm here in southeastern PA this weekend, there isn’t one reason not to go outside and get moving.  Just be sure to eat a cookie or two as soon as you get home!  Happy Holiday running!


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