So many thoughts, so little time…

Well, it’s all over.  Three months of preparation, 12 hours of driving, 2+ hours of running and my first half marathon is in the bag.  When I thought about what I wanted to share about my experience, so many thoughts ran through my mind!  Do I reflect on my training experience and tell about stumbling over 3 foot snow banks with my fellow Mamas during our long runs and how I tried (unsuccessfully) to rescue a trapped raccoon?  Do I share how uplifting my fellow runners were on Sunday:  the parents pushing their disabled children, the teams in matching shirts running “in honor” of a lost loved one, or the runners that kept going even though the crowds had already gone off to party in the beer tent?  Should I share how Mama S, Mama E and I spent two days talking about poop:  what we should eat so we could poop before the race, how to handle ERDP (excited race day poop)*, and what are we going to do if the urge hits us during the race?!?!?!  Do I try to explain the overwhelming sense of accomplishment I felt at the finish?  How it continued when I got home and my family called me their hero, and how it continues today as friends and family congratulate me?

After kicking my thoughts around for a few days, I decided that the most exciting part of this journey for me is that I said that I would NEVER run a half marathon.  That I had no desire to do such a crazy thing.  That I could NEVER run that far.  Well, NEVER no longer exists in my vocabulary.  I challenge you today to pick a race you NEVER thought you could do.  Sign up.  And ROCK IT!!  I know you will NEVER regret it!

*I do not take credit for this funny acronym, it was posted by someone on the Yuengling marathon site over the weekend!

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