Not the Answer I Expected

Yesterday marked the end of the regular season for my son’s cross country team.  He has enjoyed a lot of success, learned a bunch about running, and had a really really good time!

Yesterday’s meet was important.  It was a fast course where many people set PRs.  It was the last meet before Pac10 championships.  There were a lot of people there to watch my boy, and he was fighting to keep his varsity spot.  Pressure pressure pressure!!

I believe I have written about my son before so I won’t drone on- he is unbelievably hard working and has a laser focus on his goals.  He is competitive and dedicated and gives 150% in all he does.  Sorry, I guess I can’t help but drone on…he’s so cool.

Yesterday was beautiful- the weather was awesome, everyone was in a great mood, and the race was fast!  My son ran an awesome race!

On the way home I asked him a question that I am surprised I have never asked him before.  I said, “What did you think about today when you were running”.  I was fully expecting his replay to be about his varsity spot, finishing strong to help the team, setting a season PR…but his reply was “I don’t know, I guess I was just thinking that I am happy to be running”.  Whoa.  How cool is that?

So all you ladies and gents, lace those sneaks up today and RUN HAPPY!!!!

Mama D

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