After Running 18 miles…

…in 30 degree weather (some of it before the sun comes up), you just might:

1. Find your self crying on the inside after 16.2 miles.

2. Have intestinal knots so unpredictable you may not know what will happen in the next 5 seconds…there was never a sign more true: Don’t trust that fart.

3. Be in complete disbelief as you look at any clock before lunch time – “it’s only 10:15 am, did that really happen?!”

4. Get the chills repeatedly and find yourself wearing 4 sweatshirts and fleece pants during the 40 degree afternoon.

5. Feel like pumping your own gas is a Herculean task.

6. Run out of breath on your third round of the Alphabet Song as demanded by your 2-year-old.

7. Be so delirious from exhaustion that the geese will sound like children and non-existent cats will scurry by.

8. Be stung in your eyes by your cat pee smelling sweat pouring off your forehead, this happens immediately after ending the run when you get in the car to drive home. It hurts and it’s gross, but you’ll be so exhausted this will actually be funny. Actually, it’ll be hilarious. I kid you not.

9. Walk sideways and hold onto the wall when you stand up to put your dishes in the sink after eating a monster lunch.

10. Sit down to shower because it’s just too much to stand.  Curling up in the fetal position or lying in child’s pose may also occur.

11.  Have temporary amnesia and wonder what really happened during those three and a half hours.

12. Be an impaired driver (see #’s 7 and 8).

13. Unfortunately learn about chafed nipples and a chapped butt.  TMI, I know, but we have to keep it real.

14. Think a grandiose thought of being casted for Survivor and make it to Day 21.

15. Realize that you are only 8.2 miles away from the goal!!!

We’re so close! Only one more long run is scheduled according to the plan. I can’t believe the marathon is only 6 weeks away! A 20-22 mile run seems completely out of reach right now, but I’ve been told the best advice: trust the training.  In the meantime, I’ll be found making multiple boxes of spaghetti so I can carb load and be ready.    🙂

Keep moving forward,

– Mama K


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