Rainy Winter Running

As I struggled to get past mile 5 of our rainy 7 miler through town this morning, I could hardly believe that one year ago I was ready to run (read: run/walk/crawl) 26.2.  This day last year Mama D, Mama E, and I were at the Disney Marathon Weekend Expo and preparing for the big event tomorrow.  At this time in the evening, we were settled into bed and anxiously awaiting our 2 a.m. wake up call.

Today I couldn’t have done any of it and on multiple occasions this morning I thought to myself, “Self, how did you do 21 more miles?! Did that even happen last year?!” ….

Mama C had to push me hard today.  From the first step out of the car, she was committed to 7, which I’m thankful for.  I was busy whining that I didn’t really want to run in the rain and maybe we shouldn’t do 7 miles in the rain and we were certainly going to get sick from running in the rain and of course we would be chafed in all kinds of areas because of the rain … Luckily I had also made plans to meet at the track with two of the Fidelity Foxes  who have started their training for the the Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon in April.  The 4 of us slogged around the track, soggy and happy that we weren’t out there alone.  Accountability to running buddies means everything.

In the end, I made it in the rain. We all made it in the rain. And I realized that it’s bad ass to run in the rain.  And it’s bad ass to have friends that make you a better version of you every single week. And that when you just put one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward, the finish line always comes sooner than you think.

Be well,

-Mama K

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