Time really flies by.  Without hesitation, life’s little moments are here and then gone, like a hummingbird coming and going from a feeder.  I desperately cling to these flashes in hopes to make them memories that I can hold onto with all of their vividness and clarity.  I’ve spent the quiet moments of this week looking at pictures again and recalling the joy of last weekend’s experience.  I remember it and will always remember it as perfection…

What I always forget about is the “post race psychosis”…  The week after…  Regardless of the fact that we made a vlog about it after the Glass Slipper Challenge, I still didn’t remember the process until this week.   I have no idea why, but the roller coaster of emotion and fatigue is always a surprise.  I should realize by now how powerful the race experience is and what it does to the mind.  The physical and mental preparation for days, weeks, months becomes a part of the daily routine, but the body holds onto all of that intensity and releases it a few days after the race.  It’s raw, it’s overwhelming, and it’s certainly commanding.

I was horribly grumpy this past Wednesday.  I apologized to Mama D for my emotional instability as we were having our conversation about Karma and life this week.  She simply said to me: “We just did a really big thing.  With that comes really big emotions.”  She’s right. When you do big things, you have big expectations. You have big focus.  You have big emotions- good and bad.  You get big results.  You get big highs and big crashing lows.  It’s a huge part of the lure of endurance sports, for me at least.

I realized today that this part of race experience is equally as important as all of the preparation and even the actual event.  This recovery time is the transformational part of the process that you have to ride out with NO FEAR…. It starts to feel scary, but this is a time to embrace…because this is the molting process where you shed the old skin that you outgrew by doing something AMAZING and MIND-BLOWING and LIFE CHANGING.

And that’s why we do these things, right?

Happy Molting,

-Mama K

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