Fun on the Run

Tonight wasn’t about the time or watching the pace or having a strategy, it was about sharing the gift of running with youngsters. 

A few of our “littles” joined a 2 day a week after school health and running class this Spring called Fun on the Run.  Mama C’s babes participated last year and had a great time so we decided to give it a go. This was the first class Liam (my 10 year old) looked forward to each week. He fell in love with the freedom of running. Built for the sport, each step for him is effortless. It’s beautiful to watch. The children learned about healthy living, good sportsmanship, and how to encourage one another as a team. 

Tonight was the final “class”. All of the kiddos in the class ran in the Marc McKently 5K. A beautiful course complete with farmland and a covered bridge, this was the perfect way to spend a spring evening with the family and 400 others. It started and ended at a great restaurant in the woods too so that was fantastic. Tonight was about cheering each other on as these kids gutted out 3.1 miles in the heat. 

One of my favorite things about running is how each run is a learning experience. Tonight my son learned that there needs to be forgiveness. That we don’t always get our expected outcome even if we worked really hard and that’s okay. That’s life.  He had an allergy attack half way through the race and had to walk the rest of it because he was having trouble breathing. He was so disappointed in himself because he was hoping for a 26 minute time. We came in at 38 minutes. He was miserably upset. But it was such a great moment  to teach a life lesson that each time we put ourselves “out there”, each time we take a risk, each time we try something out of our comfort zone there’s a chance we might experience disappointment. But as we  process through “failure” we can then begin to see our growth. What a beautiful thing to experience with your children! 

Tonight was a fantastic night and I just can’t wait for our next adventure. 

-Mama K 

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  1. alison weinstein

    Go Liam! What a great story. Even though he didn’t get his time, he should definitely still be proud!! Keep it up guys! 🙂

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