When It Doesn’t Even Feel Like Training

Trail10There comes a point in time when you finally turn the corner from dreading workouts or runs to looking forward to it for days because it becomes the time you need and want most during the week.  I find myself now waiting all week in excited anticipation for our Sunday morning trail runs that have become our “thing”.  10 women this morning (we were even missing a few) went out and braved the rocks and the roots, the hills and potential spills.  I’ve been saying for a while now that our mornings at CrossFit have been our happy hour, which is true.  But these hour+ long trail runs in the middle of the woods with women that can keep you laughing for days is like going on vacation.

We sweat. We groan.  We huff and we puff.  We trip.  We try to sprint up hills.  We tip toe in dangerous places.  Our hamstrings scream at us. There’s nothing pretty or glorious about it except…

We tell stories. We giggle.  We stop and take pictures. We share problems and brainstorm ideas. We enjoy the journey.  We conquer fears.  We step outside of our comfort zones.  We leave the woods feeling renewed and dangerously awesome.

In my opinion, this is the nirvana of training. The feeling that you could go on forever (well maybe not forever) because your energy comes from each other.  Perfect happiness. There is no suffering even though your quads are angry. There is no recognition of self, just a sense of being a part of a tribe where each member is an integral part of the connection and the run.

trail 16

I’m thankful for each of these women that I train with. I’m thankful for the way they push me into growth week in and week out. I’m thankful we keep moving forward.

-Mama K

About Soleful Mamas

Powered by sunshine and friendship, Soleful Mamas is half support group/half running club. Our tribe is committed to empowering women of all ages and abilities one mile at a time. We are committed to inspiring those around us to live stronger, healthier, and more confident lives through the power of running and adventure experiences. We'd love for you to join us! We want all Mamas to know that as you blaze your trail of awesomeness, we're with you every step of the way!


  1. Jane DeRafelo

    I love this!!!! And as i lay here listening to the crickets trying to fall asleep- i am getting wicked excited about running through the woods at night and being able to extend this trail happiness for 24 whole hrs!!!!!! I heart u!!

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