Sherpa or Fairy Godmother?

So our running group knows that I am pretty much the Sherpa when it comes to our runs.  I am always prepared with fuel, hydration, sometimes pepper spray, phone for photos and tunes if needed, napkins in case someone didn’t get to poop before we met up.  If there’s something you might need, it’s likely that I have it in one of my pockets. Thanks, BBC for posting this picture of me on one of our hilly snow runs last winter. Just kidding, this is a real Sherpa…  But I might be able to come in second.


Anyway, Mama D thought it would be fun to turn it into a little Dr. Seuss-ish story.

Here it goes…

Hello my name is Candice Knox,

And I always carry extra socks.

Extra socks, you say?

Well, what about a can of pepper spray?

Of course I do, it’s safety first!

I also have things to quench your thirst.

Nuun tablets, Gatorade, coconut water too –

Pickle juice, maple syrup and lots and lots of GU!

You won’t eat GU? It makes you gag?

No fear, no worries, let me reach into my bag!

Trail mix, waffles, a piece of candy or two-

Please don’t ever doubt –

Fairy Godmother will take care of you!


Everyone needs a Sherpa and/or a Fairy Godmother!! If you are like me, raise your hand nice and high.  Be proud and know that you can take your friends on an adventure fully prepared for anything that comes their way!

Run slow and run heavy (because you are carrying everyone else’s shit),

-Mama K

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