Ragnar Trail Run – Prep Week

It’s Monday and I’m starting to get in the zone. Physically I believe we are ready. We’ve put in the miles over the past few months, we’ve logged our time on the technical trails, we’ve tested our headlamps in the dark. Without a doubt, we’ve had a blast doing it as we rated each other’s lumens and jokes about alien glow vests. 

There’s nothing better than waking up to this on a Sunday morning. While the rest of the world slept quietly, we found each other at the trails at dawn. We ran, we cursed, we hiked, we tripped, we laughed, we rolled ankles, we huffed and puffed up hills. We made it out alive and exhilarated each time. 

I’ll say it again- there’s magic in the woods. Time stands still and the trees change you. I have no idea what that is, but it’s special. 

So the 8 of us are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the runs.  Packing for a 24 hour event in the rain? Not so much. Rain is a game changer. We are now trying to figure out how we are going to stay warm and dry. We are collecting all the tarps and trash bags we can find. It’ll be trail running Survivor style. Huddled together under the trees, we’ll eat our bananas and almonds, wishing for a break in the weather. It will be EPIC. 

I am so excited and so ready.  As I skip further into my zone over the next few days, I only have to remember to have the time of my life– in the darkness of the woods, in black bear country, during bow and arrow hunting season, with no electricity, and nothing but laughter and friendship and my tired legs to carry me through. I can’t wait!

Adventure awaits!

-Mama K

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Powered by sunshine and friendship, Soleful Mamas is half support group/half running club. Our tribe is committed to empowering women of all ages and abilities one mile at a time. We are committed to inspiring those around us to live stronger, healthier, and more confident lives through the power of running and adventure experiences. We’d love for you to join us!

We want all Mamas to know that as you blaze your trail of awesomeness, we’re with you every step of the way!

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