A love note to the Marathon Mamas

Dear Marathon Mamas,

This is it! This Sunday, you four courageous women are going to step into your starting line corrals and begin the experience of a lifetime.  All the hours you’ve logged on the trail, around town, around another town, on the treadmill in the basement, on the treadmill at the YMCA, the snaking around developments that weren’t too snowy, the exploration of a golf course, and hours spent strength training at the box are finished.  The rest of this week is meant to stay loose, hydrated, nourished, and rested so on Sunday morning your bodies can do everything you need them to do.

I am in awe of your dedication and commitment.  You’ve tackled frozen runs. You’ve suffered through horribly windy runs. You have cried at the end of 17 miles when you’ve felt broken and spent. You’ve spent hours soaking in Epsom salts.  The road destroyed you and each time you’ve gotten back up and said “More… I can do more.”  You don’t even remember all that you’ve accomplished already in the name of “training.”  But I remember.  You’ve spent the last six months with the focus of a champion.  YOU are champions.

You are ready.  Despite the nerves, all the anxiety, and all the doubt you are feeling right now, you are ready. This is your race to run and your race to own.  When you take that first step over the start line and your clock begins, you will be ready to take 30,000 more.  Your legs are strong. Your body is mighty. Your mind is resolute.  Trust yourself.  I’ve watched each of you all systematically go through your training processes. Trust it.  I’ve witnessed you running more than 15 miles then continue on with your day, making it to all the kid activities, and not letting any of the drain of the training impact your roles as mothers in any way.  You’ve got this x 10,000,000.   And I’ll be right there at the finish line waiting to usher you through that chute, in a mess of snot nose crying because I am just that crazy proud of you.  Even now I’m tearing up at the thought of seeing you cross the finish line and have that incredible medal placed around your necks. I can NOT wait to go WILD for you.

There’s nothing left to say except CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve gone further than so many people could ever dream of going. Cheers to your 26.2!

One step at a time,

-Mama K






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