Words of “Wisdom”?!?

Happy Heat Wave Friends!  I hope you are sitting in your favorite spot, drinking your favorite beverage with your favorite people, with your feet up and a happy smile! As I sit and enjoy some quiet time on vacation, I received a text from a friend asking my advice about running shoes. I started to think about running, and then my fellow Mamas, and then I realized that I have not written anything for a really long time! I thought about how cool it is that my friend asked l’il ol’ me for some words of wisdom.  As I prefaced my text with “I really don’t know all that much about running”- I thought “Self- you really do know some stuff worth sharing”! After playing the running game for about 5 years now- I offer you a couple of my Most Valuable Tips & Tricks.  In no particular order- here are a few things I shared with my friend along with my sneaker advice:

1) Gear Up!  “Everyone” says all you need to start running is a good pair of running shoes.  Well- that is true- kind of.  This winter, for the first time since I started running, I purchased an expensive pair of running pants with pockets on the side.  It was a life changing event.  A place for my keys, a place for my phone, and wow, I can fit 6 GUs in there as well?!?!?  And they don’t fall down or rub even with the pockets filled to capacity?!?!?  I never realized what I was missing until I got these pants!  Now, I never leave home without them.  Tip #1- find your favorite pair of running pants that have pockets and buy multiple pairs!  We LOVE www.athleta.com for our running pants with pockets.

2) Embrace the walk!  When I started running, I was really embarrassed by the fact that I could not run very far without taking a break to walk.  I looked at this as failure.  I would berate myself- “Oh geez,-Louise, I can only do 1/4 mile before I have to walk?  You are so bad and you should stop and go eat a bunch of Devil’s Food Crumb Cake Doughnuts”.  Well- 1/4 mile turned into  a half mile, a half to a full, etc. etc.  So while I was able to increase my distance without walking, I have since realized that I NEED to walk in just about every run I do.  I often need a deep cleansing breath that I can only get when I slow it waaaaay down.  So- embrace the walk.  There is absolutely no shame in that walking game!  Use it to refocus.  Use it to increase your mileage.  Use it to be able to RUN a FASTER pace when you start back up!  Yup- it is the truth!  Walking is not bad!  Tip #2- Remember- Forward is a Pace.  Check out the book Marathoning for Mortals: A Regular Person’s Guide to the Joy of Running by John Bingham.

3) We’ve said it before and we will say it again- the best motivator to get started or to keep yourself going with your training is to sign up for a race, preferably one that scares you a little bit!  A hilly course?  A longer distance than you’ve ever gone before? How about a trail run at night?  Let’s get really crazy and add some swimming and biking in there!!  Fear is a great motivator- no one wants to be unprepared for an event!!  Tip #3- Great risk brings great rewards!  Get on the World Wide Web and find yourself your next adventure! We have our next daring and exciting activity planned for Tybee Island, GA- wanna join us?  Check out the info under the Winter Retreat & Run-Cation Tab!!  https://solefulmamas.com

Hope you found these tips helpful- we hope to share more with you from time to time!  Run happy, and celebrate our freedom to Run Free!

Mama D

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