New Year, Old Me?

New Year, new me? 

LOL – Probably not.  

While I’d love to think that I have the steely nerves to make lifestyle changes that I’ve been attempting (over and over again for years now), I probably don’t have it in me.  I mean, if Mama D can run on Pop-Tarts and dinner rolls, why can’t live my life happily running on coffee and smoked meats? I can. And I will.

I can’t make resolutions if I have no resolve, but I think I should make a few small-ish goals for 2018 that get me back to feeling like my old healthier self.

  1.  Sign up for a new class and learn something new.  Whether it be Tai Chi or kickboxing, I feel like I need to try something new that gets me back to feeling excited about moving my body again.
  2. Swim once per week. Every time I swim I love it.  It’s quiet, I only hear bubbles, I love the look and feel of the pool, I love that I give myself 10 minutes in the hot tub afterwards as a treat…I love everything about it (except stuffing myself into a swimsuit).  The problem for me is that it requires so much preparation and time surrounding the swim and I never feel like I have that time unless I wake up in the wee hours of the dark morning.  Ugh. Nothing says stay in bed like 11 degrees of frigid, windy air so this one will be really tough in the next few months.  BUT I MISS THIS STUFF! I miss the super ridiculous fun that we have when we are in the pool before the sun comes up.  When I watch our silly videos I really feel the urge to get back to it.
  3. Use my slow cooker once a week to make an easy home cooked mealI’ve been stumbling on new and awesome recipes; some from friends, some from Pinterest that can all be done in the crock pot.  I need to incorporate this more into my life, especially soups since it’s so cold out.  Today I’m going to try the Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup from Cooking Classy.   One of the parents made it yesterday and brought it to our horse show as a warm treat and it was out of this world.  Squeezing a wedge of lime on top made it even better!
  4. Sign up for a race! It’s really hard to get moving when there’s no scary event looming ahead in the future.  While I’m holding out for Ragnar Miami in November 2018, I’m not so sure that’s actually going to happen.  I need to find something – a triathlon, a half marathon, or a really fun 10K that I can look forward to and get me through the rest of this brutal winter.  Mama C and Mama P have their sights set on a marathon in April and Mama D is toying with the idea of a Half Ironman in June; these mega terrifying (and exciting events) have me inspired to do something.

    A little far away, but a BUCKET LIST ITEM!!! Grand Teton Half Marathon
  5. Forgive myself. When it all goes sideways and upside-down and spirals all out of control; when I don’t swim once a week, or sign up for a class or a race and when we eat cereal for dinner (maybe even 2 nights in a row), I’m going to talk to myself as if I were talking to one of my fellow Mamas and say things like “Self, it’s no problem” and “No worries” and “Now do 3 burpees because you’re apologizing for something stupid that you shouldn’t apologize for.” 

So, yeah, I think I need to go with “New Year, OLD ME” and get myself ready to rewind to the days where I played in the pool, spent Saturday mornings out on the trail, and crossed off my daily training workouts on the little printout that I stuck on the side of the fridge.  Hmmmm, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had….

Let’s get ready to blaze our trail of awesomeness in 2018 cause it’s gonna happen – I can feel it! Tell us if you have New Year’s Resolutions or goals,  we would love to hear from you!


♥Mama K♥

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