About Us

Powered by sunshine and early morning workouts,these Mamas are on a mission.  After blogging for three and a half years, three founders, Candice, Jane, and Denise came together in 2017 decided that the running group was “onto something.”  We know there’s nothing that can stop a woman full of courage and hope.  When women find their “tribe”  they find their strength; together in every step, every mile, and every adventure.  This year, we’re ready to  inspire more women to step outside of their comfort zones, achieve goals they never knew they had, and grow our tribe of “passionate doers.”  Running (or walking), breakfasts, inspirational apparel, Share Packages, positive peer mentorship, and adventure experiences await those who want to join in the fun and sharing of joy!

– Blaze your Trail of Awesomeness-


Candice (Mama K): Candice is a seasoned Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a passion for wellness.  Growing up as an athlete, she felt she lost that piece of herself as the demands of being a full time working mom grew.  She began getting into running shorter races and dabbling in triathlons in 2010 and 2011.  Shortly after the birth of her 3rd child in October 2012, Candice realized she needed a way to stay accountable to her fitness goals as her family grew and changed. In March of 2013, Candice and Jane began blogging about their running adventures as a way to journal and to share the joys and trials of working toward big scary goals. Candice has completed 4 sprint triathlons, 1 marathon, 6 half marathons, and loves 10Ks (favorite distance).  Her next big goal is to tackle an Olympic distance triathlon.






Jane (Mama D): Jane traded her career in the environmental and insurance industries several years ago to enjoy being a stay at home mom to her four children.  While enjoying her time at home, the former athlete in her longed for companionship and a competitive outlet.  To her delight, Candice entered her life and encouraged her run her first 5K.   Amazed at the sense of accomplishment and pride she felt, she realized the importance of encouraging other women to get out and run.  Since then, Jane has enjoyed blogging and sharing her fitness adventures with a wonderful group of women that continues to grow.  Jane has completed 2 marathons, 6 half marathons, a bunch of 5Ks and 10Ks, and 1 triathlon.






Denise (Mama K2): is a CrossFitting Registered Nurse with a Masters in Healthcare Administration.  Denise shows up and lives her nickname “Determined Denise” week after week.  While she did not grow up as an athlete, she found a love of the benefits of fitness through coaching Girls on the Run.  Denise believes in starting with the body you have and not making excuses (no Sole Blockers!) such as “I’ll start when I lose 50 pounds.” Just do it today!  Denise just completed her 9th half marathon and truly enjoys the journey of the run.  She loves helping people achieve their personal goals and has supported 4 runners by their side during their first half marathons.  Denise has encouraged and coached so many others to the starting line. Denise recently completed TWO marathons within 2 weeks because she’s determined and because she can.  Denise is committed to her goal of never EVER giving up.

-Go Together-